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July 13, 2016
2 Hour Event: Woodbine Entertainment Centre
North Parade Room

Condominium Compliance with Ontario Regulation 1101
First Aid in the Condo Workplace, Compliance, liabilities & best practices.

Electrical Safety Authority; Property Manager Compliance
Property owners / managers compliance in hiring electrical contractors,
and building safety best practices.

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July 13, 2016
Woodbine Centre; North Post Parade

Medical Emergencies In High-Rise Buildings

May 04 - 2016; Hamilton, Ontario

RCO partners with the City of Hamilton celebrating Emergency Preparedness week 2016.

April 28, 2016; Hockley Valley Resort

RCO partners with Ontario Building Officials Association; Chief Building Officials Leadership Seminar
Guest Speaker; Jason Reid; Emergency Planning Trends & Gaps

May 2016; St. Catharines, Ontario

RCO partners with Niagara Region Emergency Management Office along side OAEM;
Creating a Resilient Niagara - Educational Event May 2016

April 2016, London., Ontario

RCO & London, Ontario Office of Emergency Management, along side Ontario Association of Emergency Managers;
Educational Event Creating Resilient Communities through prepared property management.

February 2016; London, Ontario

The city of Kingston, and the office of Emergency Management; RCO Partners with OAEM to deliver
resident & property Management best practices in fire, safety, Security & Emergency Planning. Educational Event.

April 2016; North Bay Ontario

RCO partners with Ontario Association of Emergency Managers and the City of North Bay, Ontario.
Educational Session focusing on Prepared Facility Management.

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