Designation Program

RCO's designation is program, delivered through an internationally recognized College, and LEED certified training facility, will provide professional recognition to property management professionals, facility managers & building Superintendent Staff as industry leaders in the field of property management and safety. The designation highlights the proficiency in building safety & Security, emergency preparedness & response, and provides an unprecedented standard of care to building occupants.

The certification program is comprised of three (3) core areas of that are critical to be an effective property manager, ensuring the protection of building critical infrastructure, the occupants and any property.

Preventative Maintenance
Fire, Evacuation, & Shelter In Place
Emergency Building Systems
Evacuation Drills & Staff Training
Building / Facility Hazards
Emergency Planning & Response

Building Safety Inspections
Slips, Trips & Falls
First Aid & CPR
Contractor Prequalification
Injury / Illness Emergency Planning & Response
WHMIS, Asbestos Awareness

Criminal Code & Crime Prevention
Duty of Care & Trespass to Property Act
CCTV; Operation & Maintenance
Bomb Threat & Suspicious Package Management
Emergency Planning & Response

For more information on RCO's Professional Designation program, and the credentials you deserve for your commitment, contact RCO.