About Us
Mission Statement

To promote Safety and Security in the pursuit of Resilience across all communities under leadership of Profesional Property Management.

Resilient Communities Ontario (RCO) is a registered non-profit association of Property Management Professionals & Industry experts, with a goal of strengthening and maintaining a safe and secure network of resilient facilities and organizations (communities), including assets and systems vital to the continuity of operations of private and public interests.

Through proactive and coordinated efforts to promote safety and security, Resilient Communities Ontario strives to achieve resilience of operations, and prepare its community of members to withstand and swiftly recover from hazards.

To that end, RCO is committed to continuing development and education, and fostering of industry leading best practices among property managers and operators to assist in managing risks to their operations and assets, RCO is proud to be the voice of safety & Security in the property management industry.

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