Recognizing Resilient & Prepared Property Management Professionals

A prepared Property Management Sector Creates Resilient Communities

Public / Private Sector Collaboration in Fire, Safety & Security

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A Prepared Property Management Sector Creates Resilient Communities

Resilient Communities Ontario (RCO) is a registered non-profit association promoting Safety and Security in the pursuit of Resilience across all communities, under leadership of Professional Property Management.

RCO brings timely leadership & guidance to trending incidents, best practices and lessons learned, with a goal of strengthening and maintaining a safe and secure network of resilient facilities and organizations (communities), including assets and systems vital to the continuity of operations of private and public interests.

Security & Risk Management

Resilient Communities Ontario supports the Ontario Property Management industry providing up-to-date information on industry leading best practices in the field of Security & Risk Management, including trending incidents, news, gaps and Lessons Learned. Through public / private sector partnerships, we strengthen the community.

Fire & Emergency Management

Resilient Communities Ontario provides timely and relevant information to Ontario's Property Management industry with respect to industry news, trends, gaps and best practices in facility Fire protection & Emergency Management. We strengthen our community to better prevent, prepare, mitigate, respond and recover from emergencies.

Occupational Health & Safety

Resilient Communities Ontario provides leadership & support to the Property Management industry, providing up-to-date information on best practices & challenges in the field of Building safety, including trending incidents, news, and Lessons Learned. Our goal to strengthen the safety of our community through public / private sector partnerships.

Cyber/Digital Awareness

The Cyber/Digital Awareness Committee is focused on providing the latest news and information on protecting your facility and organization from vulnerabilities and threats. This includes a strong focus on Public / Private Sector Partnerships, and enhanced communications.