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London March 9th Highlights

“A Prepared Property Management Sector Creates Resilient Communities”

Resilient Communities Ontario (RCO) is a registered non-profit association promoting Safety and Security in the pursuit

of Resilience across all communities under leadership of Professional Property Management.

RCO brings timely leadership & guidance to trending incidents, best practices and lessons learned, with a goal of strengthening and maintaining a safe and secure network of resilient facilities and organizations (communities), including assets and systems vital to the continuity of operations of private and public interests.


RCO will fully support professional property management associations like BOMA Toronto, ACMO, CCI, and IFMA.  RCO will promote and share meaningful 

industry updates, and provide relevant, and timely communications to all industry associations.



fire & emergency management 

RCO provides timely and relevant information to the Property Management industry with respect to industry news, trends, gaps and best practices in facility Fire protection & Emergency Management.

security & Risk Management

 Resilient Communities Ontario supports the Ontario Property Management industry, providing up-to-date information on industry leading best practices in the field of Security & Risk Management, including trending incidents, news, gaps and

Lessons Learned.

Occupational health & safety

Resilient Communities Ontario provides leadership & support to the Property Management industry, providing up-to-date information on best practices & challenges in the field of Building safety, including trending incidents, news, and
Lessons Learned